terça-feira, 6 de junho de 2006

Em honra do Tolstoi

De quem aguardamos fotos :)

Great Escapes!
Some hamsters are like Houdini! If yours escapes here's a tip for recapture. If you aren't sure which room your hamster is in, place very small piles of food in the corner of every room and see which one disappears. Then put approximately 3cm of wood shavings and some bedding in a bucket and place it in the room.

Make steps up the outside of the bucket using books and finally put some strong smelling food, e.g. cabbage, in the bucket. Your hamster should smell the food, climb into the bucket, land softly onto the bedding, but won't be able to get out again!

Este é o Hamster de K. Akagami :)

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maurobindo disse...

Tens de pedir ao Marcus para colocar as fotos que ele tirou ao Tolstoi no blog! As fotos são uma fofice (e não fufice, hein?!).