quinta-feira, 13 de abril de 2006


Companies with women in top jobs see 35 percent higher returns than those without.
* 74 percent of female executives have a spouse who’s employed full time.
* 75 percent of male execs have a spouse who’s not employed.
* 42 per cent of female executives over 40 don’t have kids.
* For full-time working fathers, each child correlates to a 2.1 percent earnings increase.
* For working moms, it’s a 2.5 percent loss.
* 86 percent of guests on Sunday-morning political talk shows are men.
* Women over 65 are almost twice as likely to be poor as men.
* Since orchestras started requiring musicians to audition behind screens, the number of women hired has increased 20 percent.
* Models weigh 23 percent less than average women. In 1986 that was only eight percent less.
* In 2002, prostitution yielded 60 billion euros [$71 billion U.S.] worldwide. Across the world, 40 million women work as prostitutes.
* Seventy percent of people living in poverty are women.

Sources: Mother Jones (January/February 2006), MO (December 2005)


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